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  805 Sanctuary

Inner alignment for body, mind & spirit


Who are my clients?
      * those who want to feel more grounded & aligned 
      * those who dream & would like insight into the messages
      * those who want to process their grief in a creative way
      * those who want to resolve conflict in a heart centered way 


My experiences and those of my clients, re-enforce the value of developing a strong anchor & a 'spiritual' dimension to one's life. By 'spiritual' I mean that the foundations of your life perspective provide you with clarity and a sense of feeling deeply rooted, grounded. 

This 'spiritual' dimension is based on awareness of something greater than yourself, a purpose beyond 'self indulgence' which enriches your connections with others. It is both 'rational & measurable' and creates a deeper sense of belonging that contributes to what is fashionably called "FLOW" while allowing the element of mystery to inform your life.

My sessions provide a safe, confidential space in what is known as the healing house and hence my business' name,

805 Sanctuary. We'll explore circumstances, arrive at new insights and work to integrate the new information. I have a strong 'spiritual' compass and my approach to working with people considers the 'whole' person, their body responses, emotions and their degree of resilience. My quiver of skills include coaching, tending to dreams, a heart centered form of mediation, art & creativity. While I may not have all the answers, together we'll arrive at a place that renews your confidence for what lies ahead.





Firstly, I must say that Welmoet is an exceptional seer into the minds of those she works with. Her work as a life coach gives her an exceptional vantage point into what drives people in their day-to-day lives. In my work with her uncovering my dreamscape, I have found incredible insights into my psyche. Her method of analysis allows the dreamer to understand the motivations and meanings of characters, places and images of the dream, as well as their relationship them. I highly recommend her dream work for anyone seeking deeper understanding of their nightly journeys into the mind. ~ SB, Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara, California