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805 Sanctuary

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805 Sanctuary


Life is full of possibility. That's what they say but often we find ourselves conflicted and unsure of how things got as crazy as they are. Having a strong inner 'anchor' (which helps maintain a sense of clarity & calm) along with trust in oneself, gives us the ability to deal with the curve balls Life throws at us.

I work with people ages 18 - 81 and where a person feels a reaction (or charge) to something, is usually a good place to start. Through conversation, insight questions and more I provide a framework in which a person can explore their reaction to what life has thrown their way. My sessions provide a safe, confidential space in which to explore and inquire into what is at hand. I have a strong spiritual 'compass' and inner voice that helps guide me and my philosophy is that the 'whole' person ought to be considered. So aside from whatever the situation is, I consider how your body is responding, your dreams, the emotions that are coming up and your degree of resilience. I may not have all the answers but together we'll make better sense of things and you'll leave with renewed hope and inner clarity.

About Me 

At an early age, my inner questions led me towards spirituality even though I'd not grown up with any particular religious education. I had a number of inner experiences that further sparked my interest and in my teens I began meditating and studying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (who began Self Realization Fellowship in 1920). As my commitment to the spiritual path grew, I become involved in a monastic community and for years our daily focus was centered around the same spiritual principles of living a clean, healthy and spiritually inspired Life. My experiences were dynamic and repeatedly reconfirmed that whether we were aware of it or not initially, if desired,  we all could find alignment with that spiritual backbone. 


I noticed how people often got caught up in their circumstances or 'stories', to the point that it affected their stress levels, their health as well as their ability to listen and discern the truth in situations. My desire to work with people to develop their own "voice", communicate better and feel heard in times of conflict, led me to train with Judith Rubenstein, becoming certified in Conflict Resolution (also known as Mediation).

I went on to study with Dr. Martha Beck, acquiring Life Coaching skills that added to what already was a solid practice in working with others. I offer both private, confidential sessions and workshops throughout the year.

 "Working with Welmoet has been wonderful.  I am more aware of my own way of thinking and more able to spend my thoughts on things that help me move forward. I feel liberated and more attuned to myself and my purpose.