About ME

I'm guided by a strong spiritual aspect that informs everything yet plays quietly in the background of my life. I'm intuitive, empathic and artistic by nature.

Existential questions led me towards spirituality at an early age even though I'd not grown up with any particular religious education. I had a number of inner experiences that sparked my interest in meditation and began studying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (who began Self Realization Fellowship in 1920). In my 20's as my commitment to the spiritual path grew, I become part of a monastic community and for years our daily focus was centered around these same principles of living a clean, healthy and spiritually centered Life. My experiences were dynamic and repeatedly reconfirmed that by aligning oneself with values that reflected one's individual spiritual compass, life could be more effective as well as meaningful. 


My desire to work with people to develop their own "voice", communicate more effectively and feel heard in times of conflict, led me to train with Judith Rubenstein, becoming certified in Conflict Resolution (also known as Mediation) and later I went on to also study with renowned author Dr. Martha, acquiring Life Coaching skills to add to what already was a solid practice in working with others.

I incorporate both "Dreamtending", creativity & art when applicable, as well as lead workshops through out the year. I've found that introducing Art adds lightness and fun to the process of self discovery.

I offer both private, confidential consulting & coaching sessions as well as workshops throughout the year.

My clients range in age from 18 to 81 and are from all walks of Life.