About Me

I'm guided by a strong spiritual aspect that has informed every part of my life. It plays quietly in the background yet has influenced everything I do. I'm intuitive, empathic and artistic by nature.


These qualities play out in various ways, but always come back to the central theme of connecting to that spiritual aspect in another. It shows up in the portrait photography I do, drawing out & reflecting the unique beauty each person possesses. It shows up through the themes, sensitivity to color and feelings evoked by my paintings and the creative workshops I lead. And this spiritual aspects sits with us as I lead a client through a process of tending to & unwrapping the messages within their dreams. 

I'm passionate about my work. I'm passionate about connecting with a person using these different techniques as they beautifully reflect the amazing, unique & dynamic spirit that I see within each person.

Existential questions led me towards spirituality as a child even though I'd not grown up with any particular religious education. I had a number of inner experiences that sparked my interest in meditation and in High School began studying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (who began Self Realization Fellowship in 1920). In my 20's as my commitment to the spiritual path took further shape, I became part of a monastic community and for years our daily focus was centered around these same principles of living a clean, healthy and spiritually centered Life. My dreams & experiences were dynamic and repeatedly reconfirmed that by aligning oneself with values that reflected one's individual spiritual compass, life could be more effective as well as meaningful. 


The value of developing one's own "voice", communicating more effectively in times of conflict, led me to train with Judith Rubenstein and become certified in Conflict Resolution (also known as Mediation). While living in Hawaii for 17 years, I learned about Ho'oponopono which is a method of healing, reconciliation & making something right that was begun by Morrnah Simeona in Hawaii and spread worldwide. Dr Hew Len condensed the process to what it is known as today.  Additionally I studied with renowned author Dr. Martha Beck, acquiring Life Coaching skills to add to what already was a solid practice in working with others.

I offer both private, confidential sessions as well as workshops throughout the year. I offer my services from the comfort of my home, from the porch over-looking my garden or by the warmth of a fire when appropriate. My home, 805 Sanctuary, has been a place of refuge for many many people over the years and it is for this reason that it's earned the reputation of being a 'healing house'. I welcome you to come sit with me when you're ready.

My clients range in age from 18 to 81 and are from all walks of Life.