Where are you as you get wound out in your thoughts these days? Are you being torn apart by worry, jagged in your anger, burdened by helplessness, washed over by yet another wave of headlines associated with Trump? Are you longing to be in another time, somewhere else, to be enlightened, to be ‘free’? So many people are wrought by deep emotions around what they perceive to be the circumstances of their Life and the Lives of those around them right now. But I wonder, where are you in relation to your ‘center’, to that calm Eye of the Storm? Close your eyes and picture yourself standing in the middle of the Eye of a hurricane, in a golden field with stillness around you and outside of this cal


I have always been fascinated by Martial Arts, not because they’re a combat sport but because they are informed by a philosophy that resonates with me and because I see it as a form of art. When I lived in Hawaii, I used to go by myself to watch subtitled martial arts films and thrilled at the movements and skill of the people in them. Everything about it spoke to me - from the incredible discipline required to become a master practitioner to the philosophy & humility that are embodied, by one who is highly skilled but knows that it’s not a license to boast. The hair on my arms would stand up as I watched. When my eldest daughter was old enough, I enrolled her in Karate and she loved it and

Roadblocks or Opportunities

If you focus and get 'stuck' on the roadblocks in your Life, you'll find them multiplying. It's said that obstacles and conflict show up, revealing an area needing growth in your life Instead, what if you lean into them, feeling whatever emotion comes up as connected to them, but without labeling them as good or bad. If you can remain open, and stay with what "is", without judgement, you'll find new solutions and new possibilities will unfold. xoxo W photo credit by michael - on flickr as mikeyp2000

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