It's Friday!!!

If you've been following me, you'll know that I haven't posted my '4 Friday Favs' article the last little while and that's because I've been on Maui. It's given me some much needed time with family as well as the opportunity to sort through some of 'this and that' and make changes in my Life as well as in my business that better reflect where I am currently. It always feels amazing to clear out what no longer serves me (I'd highly recommend it every so often!) and I came home feeling refreshed and renewed. I revisited how I want my business of coaching to show up on social media and set up a separate PAGE where you can find what's going on - you can look up Wayfinder's Path on Facebook and c

4 Friday Favs

Believe in the power of your ability to love. Supporting another’s accomplishments and their experience of Life does not in any way diminish your own so set aside defensiveness and be generous with your support, encouragement & Love.

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