Divine Sculptor

Life tempers us and adds patina to who we are. It may not feel particularly comfortable, may be confusing at times, and we may even feel 'lost' to ourselves. For me, sitting in conversation with somebody who offers what I would term as a 'clear reflection', gives me the opportunity to return to that part of myself that is constant, steady, & calm, my most essential self. From this place, clarity and understanding can once again arise. From this place I remember once again who I truly am. This is what I seek to provide my clients. 805sanctuary.com 805sanctuary@gmail.com Clear reflection, inquiry & conversation Sculptors Coderch & Malavia

Common Ground

If the words don't feel meaningful to you, maybe the image will. Being one who loves the tropics, I'm all about this..... and the message works for me too. Seems like when you're in your teens and 20s, you share experiences and grow together pretty darn easily and quickly find common words for the experiences. But as you move into that more rarefied air of somewhat older age, being able to understand without having to explain every little thing and how you came to feel, see and understand things, becomes an increasing desirable thing - speaking the same language, having common values and interests.... these things help create a wonderful understanding & depth from which to share. Then when y

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