Ask for Better

Check the quality of your connections - are they healthy? are they bringing out the best in you or in others? is there a good balance between giving and receiving? if not, it's time to consider what options you have that would restore that balance. These days there is so much tension in the air, so much demand on our time and energy, and we often settle with 'good enough' both from ourselves and others. Be careful what you settle for though! Why not ask for the best possible? Why not challenge yourself to do better? Don't be afraid to fail or fall short because you're not going for "perfect" but for the best possible and in the process you'll find out that often you can stretch beyo

Tangled Up

Getting tangled up in your own thinking? "Who makes the problem grow bigger? Sometimes, we exaggerate our problems. For example, one day you met a friend and soon he started complaining to you about a misfortune as if it was the biggest problem ever. But you thought to yourself, "Well, it's actually not that bad!" Ten minutes later, it was your turn to speak and before long you also began to grumble about an unhappy situation, as if it was the biggest problem ever. This time, however, it was your friend who said "Wait! You are making such a big deal out of a tiny issue!" How many of you feel that currently you are facing a problem in your life and this problem is very, very serious? Now, ima

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