The One Degree Factor

Some people think that the goal is to pursue happiness and yet the truth is that Life is most definitely full of difficulties and there’s a lot of suffering in it and you have to learn how to conduct yourself in the face of that truth. Getting clear on this from the get-go will help you understand yourself and how to best fit into the landscape of your life. It will also help you begin building your inner compass. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto would put it this way : “the problem with the pursuit of HAPPINESS is that when Life’s storms come along" (which they absolutely will) "happiness disappears and then you’re


”We need to become the sanctuary we seek. This can begin with a Sabbath day or a daily period of meditation and prayer. Sometimes it may require creating regular periods of silence where we work. It can mean reassessing our lifestyle, moving toward voluntary simplicity, spending time in nature, attending periodic retreats. It may mean turning off CNN and turning on Mozart. In time of difficulty or conflict, it may mean taking a breath, settling the heart, listening silently to our deepest intention. In these moments we remember our heart’s task on earth.” - Jack Kornfield Butter Lamps - Commissioned Pastel done by me!

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