Private Sessions 

Your time is valuable and so is mine. The decision to meet requires a commitment that we will both show up and be fully present. With this in mind, I decided on using a fee scale that begins at $25 and goes up from there to $65. During the 15 minute free consult, we can discuss this further.     


Workshops are offered periodically through out the year and are usually limited to 12 participants. Please inquire if interested in being added to the mailing list for upcoming Workshops.

(Individual sessions are private & confidential, by phone, Skype or in person. )

I have a PARTNERSHIP RELATIONSHIP with my clients. Below is a brief description to clarify what this particular relationship is :

PARTNERSHIP RELATIONSHIP best describes the dynamic between a Client and myself. I work with essentially healthy people, both mentally and emotionally and the work is thought-provoking and creative in a way that inspires a Client to maximize their potential. We focus predominantly on what is currently arising in a persons life rather than the more distant past & what happened when they were a child. We often begin with current situations and goals that a Client determines for themselves and then go deeper to determine first if they are in alignment with what might be called 'their Essential Self'. A Spiritual coach or counselor helps a Client recognize this in themselves and learn how to draw from that place in order to find the solutions to the challenges they may be experiencing.

DOCTOR--PATIENT RELATIONSHIP best describes the dynamic between a client and their Therapist /Psychiatrist or Psychologist. The emphasis is on past relationships, problems and behavioral patters. There's a assumption that the Client is in crisis. The Psychiatrist is able to determine and prescribe medication, if need be, in order to for a Client to be stable and function effectively. A Psychologist does not prescribe medication.