Considering the Person You Love

Ever find yourself completely irritated by the person you love because they’ve done the same thing for the 100th time and you’re going to pull your hair out if they do it again?

Or have you ever expected they'll respond in a certain way only to find they react in a completely different manner to something you said, leaving you shaking your head and saying 'what the f-ck????' and questioning why the hell you said anything to begin with?

..... The feelings of disconnect may not be serious (and here’s hoping they’re not really just the tip of the iceberg) but if clearing away the irritation of the moment doesn’t come easily to you and you find that those moments happen with more and more frequency, begin with trying this :

Imagine a particular circumstance in your mind, as if it’s a physical ‘thing’ that you can actually pour into a container.

Now picture yourself putting the container on a table – we’re just going to put it aside there for the moment but don’t worry, you are welcome to pick it right back up after we do this, OK?

Now, I want you to find a moment when your sweetie did or said something REALLY wonderful and as a result, you realized how much, how very deeply you love them. Maybe it happened yesterday or a year ago but picture it clearly in your mind. It could be something they said that left you both laughing to the point of tears or a moment that was full of tenderness & caring.

Thinking of that moment, reflect on how that feels in your body, do you remember the smells, the colors, the sounds in the air .... Can you see it and feel it? Does your heart feel warm, is there a sense of openness, of expansiveness inside?

OK -

So imagine pouring that memory also into a container, and putting it on the same table and then give me a call. We have something to talk about.

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