Where are you as you get wound out in your thoughts these days?

Are you being torn apart by worry, jagged in your anger, burdened by helplessness, washed over by yet another wave of headlines associated with Trump?

Are you longing to be in another time, somewhere else, to be enlightened, to be ‘free’?

So many people are wrought by deep emotions around what they perceive to be the circumstances of their Life and the Lives of those around them right now.

But I wonder, where are you in relation to your ‘center’, to that calm Eye of the Storm?

Close your eyes and picture yourself standing in the middle of the Eye of a hurricane, in a golden field with stillness around you and outside of this calm are blowing the swirling, snarling winds … are you there? Can you feel how electric the air is? And yes, the threats are very real. But remember, you are in the Sweet Spot and as the central calm moves, the thundering winds of the hurricane move in concert.

You are alert, alive and very present without thoughts of past or future.

Now, picture reaching way up, 500 feet above the storm, and drawing down a slow deep breath of Light and imagine it filling you along with the remembrance that this is what you are made of and that this is exactly where you need to be in this moment, with all the calm, with all the swirling winds, with all the terrifying power and magnificence that goes along with being alive in this moment. Draw that Light all the way down through you and imagine it pouring into the center of the earth, healing everything it touches before turning back and filling your heart.

Breath in.

Breath out.

Remember this when you find yourself getting caught in the hurricane winds of our world. Step into the Sweet Spot, pause, and reaching up, take a deep breath.

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