4 Friday Musings

1. Spent a bit of time up on the ridge of the mountains here, which are around 3500 feet. There’s lots of manzanita, chaparral, and the earth is made of shale and rock. Because we’ve finally had rain this past month, there are little creeks with water gently running. It’s 30 minutes to town, to all the busy-ness of community but you feel like you’re on a different planet. There were goats… funny characters who’d been bottle fed from an early age and thought they were sort of related to dogs, specifically lap dogs.

When was the last time you took off and spent time in nature? This was a question I was asking myself. It’s been a while but the second I got out of the car, the smells seduced me as did the stillness. I need more of this and it was clear that I’d forgotten just how restorative it can be. I’m thinking maybe we’ll go camping which could be fun when spring comes around.

2. I’m thinking about how Men and Women connect & disconnect, what makes relationships remain vital, supportive and loving over years. And what makes them fall apart. It’s a big subject and women can be an incredibly frustrating mystery to men.

We say we’re not interested, but if you connect with us in the right way, you’ll find that we’re totally interested once again!

We say we’re finished & have walked away from a guy, blocked his phone calls, and erased his texts. But if you persist and are able to engage us in conversation, get us to laugh, to feel good (as opposed to weighted down by, all the walls will come tumbling down and we’ll be wanting more time with you again.

Talk about confusing! But there’s some basics that can help with this confusing behavior. To paraphrase Dan Bacon, when a man is confident & has emotional strength, finds direction & a purpose in his Life, it’ll set the stage for the woman he loves will begin listening and reconnecting for her feelings for him. Laughter will also help open things up. She will gain respect for who he is, will feel attraction starting to build again, and then she’ll reconnect with her feelings of Love for him, perhaps even more deeply than she did before. And from there the relationship can continue to blossom for both people.

It’s so interesting. And not without challenge, but isn’t Love worth challenge?

3. The biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand.

We listen to reply.

~Dr. Stephen Covey

4. The word “crisis” seems to pop up repeatedly in our conversations these days. Have you noticed that?

Are you in crisis, personally? Is your family in crisis? Do you view the political environment as being in crisis?

Say Thank You.

Thank you for the opportunity to wake up, to feel more, to listen more intently, and to find your voice or to make changes in your Life!

Thank you for the opportunity that citizens of this country have, to become more clear on what’s important and to take it in, in a deep and personal way.

Thank you for the opportunity to be more fully connected to others instead of isolated in one’s own small circle of acquaintances.

We have so many opportunities and possibilities.

It’s a beautiful thing - Thank You!

Gibraltar Road

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