4 Friday Favs

Today as you glance in the mirror or notice yourself in the window as you pass, stop and take a moment to see beyond your eyes and face. Peer into your own heart and recognize that brilliant something, that resides there, and believe in the existence of the extraordinary in yourself!.

I’m considering my next painting. My art work has long been focused on the natural world, magnifying the beauty that I see. But this last year, increasingly, what comes knocking at my door is artwork that represents the inner journey, the transformation of emotions and the opening to the Sacred. The metaphor of a bridge comes up repeatedly, in conversation, in my creative musings, in paintings.

Working with clients, one of the most valuable tools I’ve found to get to what is behind the thought, is to ask “why…” With that question, there is no judgment, no right or wrong attached but instead a simple curiosity as to why something is, or is not. Try it out…see what you find.

“The way you do the small things, is how you do everything.” I do not know who said this but it has stayed close to me for a long while. Like when I’m washing the last the 5000 dishes that seem to pile up in the sink within minutes, or sweeping the lanai of leaves (which also seems to be never ending).

xoxo Welmoet

Image by H. Kopp-Delaney who's work is quite wonderful.

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