4 Friday Favs

Sitting on the porch at sunrise before beginning to write, I realize how long this list has become, each item seemingly valuable, worth sharing & considering. I'm guessing that since I'm traveling and because routines are new, people are new, everything I'm seeing is new, stands to reason there might be lots of new thoughts bubbling around. Anyway, it's taken some effort to condense the list to just 4 things but sometimes less is more, right? Or at least that's what is said!

1 Things I'm considering : this is said to be a gypsy quote -

"le duy vas xalaven pe" which translates to "the hands wash each other" meaning, that we are all connected.

(From the book The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom, which I'd highly recommend.)

It's interesting how disconnected we feel at times and yet, that feeling can be washed away in an instance when there is an element of synchronicity at work. Suddenly, the mists part and we recognize an almost profound inter-connectedness alive and well and wonder how we ever doubted its presence! So, le duy vas xalaven pe , even while being in a different language (that I probably destroy in trying to speak) has been my reminder this week to remember the parting of the mists and that I have my part in caring and connecting with those who are in my Life.

2 People I'm running into : We had a meeting with a realtor here in Mexico. Mrs. B. is from California, and her energy was rushed and efficient yet very off-putting, while Jessie, who is from this area of Jalisco, was quiet and made no effort to insert himself as being a person significant to the conversation, at first. And yet it quickly became apparent that he was truly the person to be speaking with. It is so interesting that even as he stood quietly off "to the side" and said very little, still his insight, wisdom and knowledge of everything we were looking at, along with his humble demeanor, made him the clear expert and person who had the answers. Lots of people here look like they barely get by but it's often not the case. Many are accomplished writers, film directors, artists but the back story that is also part of their life, is not so obvious. It isn't until you've seen them repeatedly at the weekly market or on the street walking, that you eventually agree to meet up and get to know one another, a little bit more. The anonymity is welcomed by most everyone here and is one of the beautiful aspects of life in a simple fisherman's village where people don't have a desperate or even the remotest need to be recognized and known.

3 I'm pretty interested in and want to try Straw bale gardening - you can look it up on utube or online, but it could be likened to gardening in containers, cutting back on problems with pests, producing eventual compost and making it very cost effective as well given less need for premium soil etc.. It takes a few weeks of initial prep of the straw bale but then- excitement sets in. I'm all about seeing a bumper crop of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers this year! Hopefully that will be my experience - I'll keep you posted and if you give it a try, let me know what you discover!

4 And finally this which made me laugh and laugh...

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