4 Friday Favs

I was sitting on the porch the other day, when somebody came by to talk.

1 I'M THINKING ABOUT : The subject came up of the rituals we have in our lives and it got me thinking. There’s something very intentional about rituals. They add a richness to our lives that usually are unique to us alone and unlike habits, the person is usually very 'present' and there's a focused intent as they go through the steps involved in the ritual.

I may seem less than inspirational but, I used to have a ritual in college of first stopping by a coffee shop, buying a cup of hot chocolate or hot mocha and then taking it with me to my math classes. It soothed the anxiousness I felt over studying that subject and helped me to relax and thereby learn more easily. If I forgot to bring it with me, or was running late to class and couldn't stop first, some part of me remained stressed through out the class! Anyway, getting and having that hot drink was a soothing ritual for me.

There is pa-lenty! (as in plenty) of research out there validating the use of them - "The superstitious rituals enhanced people’s confidence in their abilities, motivated greater effort – and improved subsequent performance. These findings are consistent with research in sport psychology demonstrating the performance benefits of pre-performance routines, from improving attention and execution to increasing emotional stability and confidence."


Can you think of a ritual you have? (You know I'm not talking about holidays like Hanukkah or Christmas, right?)

Do you have a ritual (a series of steps) asking for good luck or protection, that you perform prior to delivering a talk, or going surfing in waters where sharks are known to swim, or before flying on an airplane?

In talking with people, I found it interesting that many couldn't think of a ritual they had initially. But most came back later to say that they actually did have one or two but that they'd just not thought about them in that way previously.

Maybe one of yours is sitting down each Sunday for a family meal and using a specific fork & knife that once belonged to your father. Or carrying a certain smooth stone in your pocket each time you go fishing. Or taking the time to pause & watch the sunset, no matter where you are.

  • Share what one of your rituals is and what the significance is for you.

  • And if you and your BFF (be it spouse or other) have one together, it would be great if you were willing to share this too because there's a whole different level of ritual & intentional thinking going on when it's done with somebody.

2 I WANNA TRY : Askinosie Chocolate

It is a small batch bean to bar chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri, sourcing 100% of their beans directly from the farmers. Though a bar may seem high in price, the company has a program in place where a $9 chocolate bar feeds 250 children in the countries where these beans are grown. That’s pretty nice if you ask me. Besides that, reviews like “the chocolate is divine” doesn’t hurt either!


3 “The 4 S(s) : Simple, short, slow, and small"

courtesy of J. Shelton

Do you know what this refers to? It’s a little reminder of what it takes to learn something new. So, when you’ve decided you want to learn a new language, and you’re envisioning yourself speaking fluently in Spanish with locals in Mexico, remind yourself of the 4 S(s) and be patient with yourself because you’ve got a ways to go yet.

It all begins with just 1 word, then another, then another.

You start with something SIMPLE, something SMALL. And rather than a whole sentence, you start with a SHORT word and SLOWLY learn how to say this new word with the correct pronunciation.

In this way - simply, small, short and slow - is the way you’ll eventually learn to string all those single words into sentences, into thoughts, into conversations and into proficiency.

Good thing to remember when you or your child are setting out to learn something new!

4 A BUMPER STICKER read : "Campbell's new large type alphabet soup for seniors."

Even though I can't remember the last time I ate any Campbell's Soup, it’s funny only because the pathetic truth is that most of us will, at some point, completely relate to this!

xoxo Welmoet

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