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I was looking out at the garden and thinking about self sufficiency and what it would take to be self sufficient in my own house & garden, when somebody called and told me about the company ReGen. How fortuitous! Their first project is a community made up of 25 pilot homes in Almere, Netherlands and there are plans for more in other countries. I was excited to read about them and signed up for their newsletter because there’s tremendous value in what this sort of community could offer people around the world.

Let me know what you think about communities like this in the comments below, and whether you’d consider living in this kind of environment, and if not, why?



** Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better

~ Jim Rohn

**How much sharing of the self is enough? :

Vulnerability & Sharing

Have you noticed that there’s been a huge spike in “over-sharing”? The most intimate details seem to wind up displayed left and right on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and in conversations, as people pour out everything they think, do and feel. There seems to be no censoring and nothing is off limits. But why are there less and less boundaries around this sort of thing?

That’s a good question – The answer lies in our BIGGEST fear which is that we aren’t good enough or deserving enough just as we are, and that we won’t be loved. When we’re crippled by this emotional weakness, we compromise our boundaries, let go of our integrity (which is so important) as we grasp for the crumbs of other’s love and acceptance.

It’s sadly, that’s behavior is ultimately unattractive and more important, self-destructive.

It’s not appropriate to launch into the details of a woman’s period, in conversation at a dinner party any more than it’s ok to dump on the guests that your business is bleeding money and that you’ve no idea what to do! It’s NOT that the subjects are wrong it’s just that there’s a better time & place where the information could be shared and a better time & place for the listener & speaker to find real benefit from it but, just to share for the sake of pseudo-vulnerability? …. Not a good thing. Knowing where, when and how much to share, takes a different degree of self-love & awareness that also reflects respect for others as well.

Bottom line, take better care of yourself and others by setting better boundaries, using more thought about the words you use, and the timing & place for what you’re sharing. And be aware of what’s motivating you. This is really important stuff and if this brings up questions for you, come talk with me.

**Random Acts of Kindness :

There is nothing like the feeling you get when somebody you don’t even know, goes out of their way to give you a gift, or responds to a question you ask with more than a yes or no, or pays for your meal without your even having noticed them.

And for the giver, giving without any expectation of reward, or getting something in return, is amazing.

So when times are challenging and the tendency is to hold tight to what is yours, LEAN IN and GIVE to somebody else. Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a list of 31 possibilities and of course, you can add to it and you can even challenge those around you to do 1 “Random Act of Kindness” a day.

Guaranteed that no matter the terrible headlines on the news or the frustrations you’ve been having, your Life will be improved & brighter for it (as will other’s lives).

1. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you.
2. Take the time to find out a waiter / waitresses / cashier’s name and greet them by name each time you see them.
3. Make a meal for a friend who’s stressed or dealing with an illness.
4. Donate your time to a local charity.
5. Buy a hot drink or meal for a homeless person.
6. Compliment a stranger.
7. Ask someone about their day and really listen to what they have to say.
8. Make a dinner for a roommate who works late hours.
9. Bring a snack or dessert to share at work.
10. Buy some great seashells and leave them here and there on the beach for kids and people to discover.
11. Write a letter to an extended family member.
12. Give a copy of your favorite book to a stranger.
13. Send hand written thank you notes to somebody you appreciate.
14. Invite a neighbor to go for a walk with you.
15. Baby-sit a friend’s children so they can have alone time or go on a date with their spouse.
16. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor & invite them over for coffee or lunch.
17. Sign up to read at a children’s reading hour at the library or a local bookstore.
18. Put money in a stranger’s parking meter.
19. Send an uplifting text once a month to somebody you rarely talk to or see.
20. Offer to run errands for somebody who’s not feeling well.
21. Leave a large tip for no reason.
22. Take your supervisor out to lunch and thank them for what they do.
23. Leave an encouraging handwritten note in somebody’s mailbox.
24. Practice smiling and greeting people you encounter.
25. Reach out to your favorite childhood teacher. Thank them for their role in your life.
26. Bring coffee or lunch to someone you don’t like.
27. Donate blood.
28. Speak with a friend and focus on speaking less and instead say, “Tell me more.”
29. Make an anonymous donation to a local charity.
30. Drop off a yummy dessert at a friend’s house.
31. Leave flowers on somebody’s doorstep.

Have a good Friday and weekend ahead! xoxo Welmoet

Image by Elena Shumilova

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