4 Friday Favs

Our lives have turned many unexpected corners in the past months, and the Trumps rampage has been like a steady drip on the forehead for some and a raging river to navigate for others. For myself, I have no end of thoughts on him and things in general but, I keep a pretty tight rein on it as I’m clear about how it all affects me and what I need to do to remain effective and dynamic in my own life (as opposed to being riddled by worry, anger, shock and a sense of helplessness).

I thought I’d pass on this Twitter users ‘handle’ for those out there who are interested – not as yet another thing to fuel the neurosis people are experiencing but if you’re able to stay balanced, you might want to at least be aware of this person.


The government is doing their best to find out who this person is who is opposing ‘them’ but Twitter is not unmasking their identity. That decision is important for every one of us whether we use twitter, hate it or love it and all other forms of social media. Free speech is and has been a significant precept that influences our lives and I would hope it remains that way.

**We’ve all experienced challenges in our life – a time where we’ve been tested and pushed to our edge, where after the fact, our awareness & appreciation for things jumps from normal to incredible.

Have you ever noticed that the biggest challenges yielded the most value & biggest insights? On top of that, even though a challenge may be fraught with hardship, at the end of it, you feel more alive, more vibrant than ever before. AND some three months after all is said and done, you may find you’re left with quite a story and can actually laugh at whatever occurred.

What a crazy beautiful mysterious life design…

**The head of a large publishing company asked Dr. John Gottman (who wrote The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work) to "tell me one thing I can do in 30 seconds to improve my marriage."

His reply was to "Honor your wife's dreams."

**This week I was reminded by Tim Ferrriss (who wrote Tools of Titans which I’d recommend) of a Netflix series that is completely worth your time. Did I say completely? If will feed most every part of you in the very best way possible and if you watch it while sipping a glass of wine (or tequila in my case) it’ll add that extra little glow! Here’s the utube taste of my favorite episode : The Francis Mallmann episode of Chef’s Table (Season 1, Episode 3) – Why is this particular episode so exceptional? First, it’s primal and that is utterly compelling. Second, Francis is the Argentine author of an outstanding cookbook, Seven Fires and this episode connects you to the earth in way few things do (and which is desperately needed if you ask me!) Granted he’s a character that you may or may not like at all but… he’s also brilliant in his connection to the elements and earth. And third, this whole series was created by David Gelb, who also directed Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and it is GORGEOUSLY shot, and will leave you satisfied on many levels. Don’t put it off – make time to sit down and drink it in!

Enjoy your weekend xoxo Welmoet

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