4 Friday Favs

4 Friday Favs

**LOVE this short, fun interview between India Hicks and Rosie Mitchell. I’ll call it “Rosie and the Bank Robbers” and I know you’ll enjoy it too!! It’s all of about 7-8 minutes long.


**Feeding Children Everywhere, is a non-profit organization that started in 2010, and two years later, the charity launched a domestic program and now 75% of its meals are distributed within the United States. Volunteers mix, measure and package four basic ingredients of a casserole: lentils, rice, dehydrated vegetables and mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt.

The app -- Fed 40 – can be downloaded to a smartphone, is more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible than traditional methods of providing food, Dave Green (CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere) says, in part because the food makes fewer stops between growers and consumers. And it takes about 50 times as much water to get a gram of meat protein as it does for a gram of lentil protein, he said. "Our food is healthy, it's vegan and it tastes good," Green said. "Lentils are sort of the dream protein."

Available through the App Store and Google Play, it allows users living in designated low-income areas to request food for up to 40 meals by submitting a simple, four-question form. Then, 1-2 business day later, a box of the nonprofit's rice-and-lentil casserole mix and a few suggested recipes are delivered to the person's doorstep, all at no cost. The casserole provides complete nutrition by itself, but recipients can add other ingredients to spice it up., e

Find out more : https://www.feedingchildreneverywhere.com/fed40/ responsible way

**At one point during my training to become a coach, I took a self-confidence quiz. I’d heard other people say they were really surprised by the results and that they felt like they needed to rethink what they knew of themselves.

What I found was that I’ve a fairly average degree of self-confidence, strong in some areas, less so in others. Not a glowing report but not a big shock to me either. The recommendations as to how to improve and build on my confidence I thought was helpful. It spoke to something we all have to deal with (women in particular) and it involves how we view failure or failing at something. In the book, The Confidence Code, journalists Shipman and Kay explore the frontiers of neuroscience regarding the confidence gene. They did their own genetic testing and they visit leading psychologists. While confidence is partly influenced by genetics, it is not a fixed psychological state. You won’t discover or ‘build it’ into who you are …

by thinking positive thoughts

by telling yourself that you’re perfect as you are.

By faking it. (remember that saying ‘fake it till you make it’?)

What did come forward, most strikingly, was that we can chose to become more confident simply by taking action and courting risk, and by doing so, we change our physical wiring.

It requires a choice: to worry less about pleasing others & being perfect and instead, to choose to take action, take risks and be willing to fail fast while learning from what did not work.

What I’ve found by practicing this, is that it brings into alignment less confident parts of myself and connects or glues them to stronger, more confident parts of who I am and the result is that I definitely feel greater inner confidence and self-certainty. OK, back to the drawing board!

**This week I went to an event – it was a surprise and I had no idea where I was going when my daughter picked me up and we headed out for the evening. This was meant as a surprise and a thank you for all sorts of things and it meant a lot to me that she and her sweetie had taken the time to plan this out and surprise me. We began with wine and yummy foods to snack on, arranged in a large tent complete with heaters (it was cold and windy that night so they were particularly appreciated) and musicians playing and lots of people clearly excited to be there. Then we all moved indoors and took our seats and the next few hours, we were treated to 6 different story tellers sharing their experiences, all centered around the subject of “Great Escapes”. This was a live presentation called The Moth – real stories, real experiences (which parallels the podcast of the same name), and always told live.

The Moth, if you’ve never listened to the podcast or to their Radio Hour, is all about the power of storytelling. As is said on their webpage,

  • We believe that processing experience through narrative can provide insight and agency.

  • We believe that listening to stories can widen our perspective and help us realize what we have in common.

  • We believe that a community is strengthened when its members share stories with one another.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to any of their presentations, take some time to listen in. You won’t regret it.

(In Santa Barbara : KCLU – AM on Saturday at 1:00 PM)

Last tidbit to reflect on … “Life is 10% of what you make it and other 90% is how you take it.”

Here’s to a great weekend! xoxo Welmoet

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