4 Friday Favs

** What am I listening to? : I’ve fallen in love with a daily dose of podcasts and books on Audible. I really enjoy reading but seem to only have time just before bed and more times than not, the need to close my eyes over-rides my best intentions and soon I’m fast asleep.

But with different talks and interviews and the books on Audible, while I’m driving, cooking, painting, or working on other projects, I’m able to enjoy and learn new things and feed my imagination. I love this.

Currently I just finished the "THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman and the narrators voice is excellent. It was written for young adults but appeals to all ages. As the New York Times Book Review stated, “It is by turns exciting and witty, sinister and tender, shows Gaiman at the top of his form… following in the footsteps of long-ago storytellers, weaving a tale of unforgettable enchantment."

** “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage…” – Lao Tzu

** What’s on my mind? : this image because it is a daily reminder and question - am I paying attention to the things I’m doing, doing the best I can with what’s in front of me, with the space around me and minding my own business (represented by the center circle) or am I busy minding the business of somebody else in one of the other ‘circles’. Because, if I’m all about what you are doing or not doing, then certainly I’m not taking care of my own business because I’m too busy with yours!

Am I saying, pretend that others don’t exist, that what they’re doing doesn’t matter or affect us? Not at all. It’s more about being mindful of the line, the tipping point at which our awareness of others slips down the slope and turns into being overly focused on them and what they think or do, to our own detriment. Kind of like getting caught up looking at an accident on the other side of the freeway and not paying attention to where you are until you’ve run right up onto the bumper of the car in front of you! Or looking out the window at your neighbor doing a lousy job parking his car while in your own home the frying pan has just over heated and caught fire! Sometimes examples are big and obvious but it gets subtle very fast.

We fall down this rabbit hole over and over and in so doing create a whole bunch of misery for ourselves. So reminders help to pull us back, to gather in our energies and to focus and pay attention to what IS our business. I look at this like a muscle I’m developing – even if I catch myself being all up in somebody else’s business a hundred times and have to rein in my thoughts & motivations, then so be it! It’ll be a hundred opportunities that I have to work that muscle, building on it until it becomes stronger & easier to recognize where my attentions are going. And the beauty is that when we do our lives become more rich & meaningful, our ‘backbone’ strengthens, and we’ve more to share.

** What am I doing? : Planting a straw bale garden! I got excited about the possibilities (less bug issues, less soil or land necessary, less water required) of this a few months ago, and did some research on them. After 4 weeks of preparation involving regular doses of nitrogen and water, my straw bales decomposed enough and became fertile ‘ground’ and they were ready for planting. So, the day before it rained, I planted lettuce, red peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, thyme, epazote, and mint. My fingers are crossed that these little seedlings will be happy and thrive in their garden beds.

Have a great weekend xoxo Welmoet

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