4 Friday Favs

So many things to learn …. These are just a few things I’ve been interested in this week.

** Four Sgimatic : Who are they? A company of friends originating in Finland with a base in California. “When we founded Four Sigmatic, our first goal was to find something small that people could add to their current diet to produce a positive impact on their health. For us, the answer was obvious: functional mushrooms.” …. Small but powerful – there are so many benefits wrapped up in these little bits of fungi. I have wanted to be able to add mushrooms to my diet for quite a while because of the medicinal qualities a number of them have and this company developed a great way to do that. I read through a lot of rave reviews, then ordered some myself to try as an alternative to coffee. Why? Because of the positive benefits of mushrooms but also because constant use of coffee depletes the adrenals which for me, becomes evident sometime around 3 PM when I’m dragging myself around looking for a place to take a ‘cat nap’. When I switch from coffee in the morning to Yerba Mate or to one of the Four Sigmatic ‘mushroom coffees’ or elixirs, that mid-afternoon cat nap craving drops away almost immediately.

So, check it out, consider whether your lifestyle could benefit from switching from your coffee routine or if you simple would like to introduce more of the benefits of mushrooms into your diet.


** Not forgiving yourself for something you did (or didn't do) is the very best way to insure that you’ll stay small and remain trapped in the 'I'm not good enough' cage.

** Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine Based on the perception that with a clear connection to our instincts & feelings (where we move with ease of response between emotion, instinct and rational thought), we can feel our deep connection & sense of belonging to the earth, to family or anything else. If we are disconnected from this instinctual sense, we retreat into stories we tell ourselves, distrust others more, and become increasingly isolated, reflecting trauma. There are exercises provided to help a person facilitate healing.

** Weightless by Marconi Union In a time when stress and anxiety seems to be expremely high for many people, learning how to self-sooth and release the stresses is really important. My favorite go-to is meditation but music and sound is a close second for me. According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, this particular song by Marconi Union "managed to induce a greater state of relaxation in the listener than any other music tested to date. The tests have shown that listening to this song resulted in a staggering 65% reduction in the participants’ overall anxiety and a 35% reduction in their usual psychological resting states.” That's pretty impressive!


Happy Weekend to you xoxo Welmoet

Image courtesy of Chante Glover

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