4 Friday Favs

It's Friday and here are some of the things that have been on my mind this week.

** "Assume positive intent" ― Neil Blumenthal with Warby Parker

** This story from Lynn Trotta, echoes another story I heard this week from a friend -- the message behind both of these stories really spoke to me and I wonder if something in them will resonate with you. If it does and if you’re comfortable, share what comes up for you after reading this.

“Recently, my Great Aunt was moved to a nursing home and I volunteered to help clean out her house so it can be sold. Now, this woman has lived in her house since the 50’s, so I expected there'd be an accumulation of stuff, but what I found hit me in the gut.

Her closets were filled to capacity with gifts. Gift boxes with the gifts still inside. Tags on. Never used. Floor to ceiling. Row after row. Closet after closet. Can you fully grasp this?

Purses, blouses, dresses, aprons, scarves, booze, snow globes, mugs, and jewelry, from the 50's to a few holidays ago. One dress-slip even had a tag boasting “The New Wonder Fabric- Nylon!”

She didn't use the gifts she was given.

All them, boxed up, hidden in closets from the world… are like the metaphorical gifts

inside us, when we refuse to use them. Refuse to even acknowledge we have them! So they sit, collecting dust, unfulfilled in their life’s purpose.

Gifts are meant to see the light of day. Enjoyed. Used up. Left frayed and marked with the scars of experience. I’m begging you.

Stop denying you have gifts. Look at them. Really see them. Acknowledge you have them.

They don’t need to be world changing or life-saving –

They don’t need to be perfect.”

** “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit” ― E.E. Cummings

** Architecture can, like sculpture, be a work of art. It can have impact, or not. And sometimes the projects also have qualities that inspire you emotionally and spiritually. The Baha’i temple that Hariri Pontarini Architects built in Santiago, Chile is a good example of this. Its shape reminds me of a seed pod that I found and painted years ago. What I find so interesting is the movement between light and shadow and your relationship with it completely changes depending on whether you are inside or out, whether it’s morning or night.

What places have you found that take you ‘out of yourself’, that uplifts and inspire you and do you go there regularly? (Nature is ready answer but in this instance, I’m thinking about those buildings that have the capacity to move us deeply.)


xoxo Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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