4 Friday Favs

Actually, this week I'm going to tell a story. About Australia. About being uncomfortable. About being amazed.

What do you think of caves? I’m not a fan of them or confined spaces in general. It’s not that I have a fear of anything in particular but that on an energetic level, something just does not feel right at all to me.

My daughter who was living in the hinterland near Byron at a place called the Rainbow Temple, invited me to come visit. Things seem to effortlessly work out and I headed off to OZ for 3+ weeks. On one of our adventures, she decided that I had to see ‘the tunnel’ that was built into the mountain on the property. This was definitely NOT something I wanted to do. We’d already had a great time making our way around the property through ferns and jungle as the raining gently came down. The air was earthy and sweet and the lushness was intensely satisfying given I’d spent a long time in dry California where drought was a constant issue. As we finished up and ended our tour back at the Temple, we took our flip flops off and I learned the one down side to the jungle – leeches. They were stuck between our toes, glued to our legs and thighs and were generally a creature I’d only known about from reading about ‘blood letting’ in the medieval days. But here they were, between my toes – yuck! The next few hours and on into the night, we lounged in the kitchen (which was a covered deck area with only 1 wall) and warmed ourselves by a fire, listening to the rain coming down, talking with other people, helping make dinner, playing music and more. The idea of visiting the tunnel faded out of my thoughts.

The following day we packed up to go into Byron and headed up the hill towards where our car was parked. Midway, Chante veered off the path and motioned for me to follow -- we’d stepped through damp grass a few feet before she stopped and motioned towards the slightly muddy entrance of the tunnel.

I’ll spare you the discussion that occurred between us, and jump to where she took my hand and single file, we took tiny steps forward through the crack in the hillside. It was about a foot wider than our shoulders and about 7 feet high. That was obvious but within a few steps it became pitch black. I blinked my eyes furiously as if that would bring things into focus but the darkness didn’t change at all.

The tunnel was built by Guy, master creator of the Rainbow Temple, a four story ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ sort of place in the jungle and also the envisioner of the tunnel. It was some 35-50 feet in length and although you slipped into the entrance through a crack in the hillside, at the other end you had to climb up some 15-20 feet on a makeshift ladder before emerging into daylight from a rough hole in earth. Guy had told me he loved going into the tunnel to sit on a hot day because it was absolutely quiet, cool and refreshing…. Good for him., not so good a thought for me.

But back to the tunnel. We took baby steps forward and given it was so dark inside, I eventually closed my eyes and allowed my other senses the full experience at hand. We spoke quietly and after several minutes making our way forward, Chante stopped and told me to open my eyes if they were still closed. When I did, I saw a whole universe of twinkling lights above me …. Glow worms! This was incredibly amazing and unlike anything I’d ever seen or experienced and I forgot all about being in a tunnel, somewhere underground.

Sometimes the things that push our boundaries & take us out of our comfort zone, as also the things that delight us and stay with us the longest and I’ve returned to the tunnel in my dreams many times. Later during that same visit, Chante revealed that it had taken her months to work up the courage to go into the tunnel, which for some reason I found to be very reassuring. Did I say that I absolutely love and trust Chante? But of course I do or I’d never had stepped inside that womb-like space in the earth!

I’ll end my story there but below is a link to a video of another cave with glowworms that was filmed in New Zealand so you can get a little glimpse of what I saw. TRULY magical!


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