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Creativity is like the water in a river, it wants to flow unencumbered. So surrender to the river, rather than fight against it, and use its power as your own.

We may never have experienced the connection with our own Creative Muse but it has been part of each one of us from the beginning and rests inside, like an ember waiting to be fanned into a flame. What is it like being creative? It’s a Spiritual thing … it asks you to trust. Trust in something that is an unknown and a Mystery on a grand scale. Trust in the fact that you are inherently part it as well as a creative conduit for the Mystery.

It requires you become comfortable with standing in the darkness of ‘not knowing’, trusting that something you see, something you hear, smell, taste, feel or sense will be the spark that fans the ember, turning on the light of inspiration, illuminating the darkness --

The 12 week workshop I’m hosting which begins in July, takes us by the hand through a range of fun, artistic activities. No matter how awkward or how many ‘mistakes’ we make, if we’re willing to stay the course, creativity will find it’s unique expression through us. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to discover & explore together.

Just as the seed of a poppy may seem thoroughly average & like a million others with nothing particularly special to it, it is the conduit through which the transformative Flow & energy of Life moves to become a magnificent flower.

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed,

soothes the mind and gives it rest,

heals the heart and makes it whole,

flows from heaven to the soul."

~ Anonymous

xoxo Welmoet

** For more information or to schedule individual workshops, private conversations and more, contact Welmoet at 805sanctuary@gmail.com

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