4 Friday Favs

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

* Driving slowly … eyes half on the road, half on the beach …. Music on… transported to a time growing up in southern California with the culture of sun, sand, ocean and play all around.… I roll through familiar beach towns packed with people. The roads along the cliffs and beaches are filled with cars & people heading to the beach. The soft sand stretches for long distances and the gradual slope of the ocean floor creates waves for body surfing and further out, bigger waves for board surfing ... Back then, we were a tribe of kids with names like Grunion, Weewa, Sticks….. We were golden from days spent sprawled on the sand and in the surf. It doesn’t seem like much is different except that even the beaches where none of us would ever go (as they were just beyond the limits of where we knew our friends would be) are now packed and being enjoyed.

There’s something wonderful about being on holiday – people put a pause to critical thought & stress, and if play is part of the culture they’re visiting, they jump in without hesitation, laughing and enjoying it as if they were 7 years old again. The brilliance of Summer is something to carry with us the rest of the year.

* In light of it being Summer, here’s a reminder and a suggestion that might make it even more enjoyable.

Disconnect from 90% of your technology for a week (or two!) Put your phone down and spend the day with whomever you’re with or just by yourself. Don’t check Facebook, Instagram, email other than for 10 minutes ONCE a day, and turn off the TV! Instead, listen to others more, read, take walks, paint your kitchen, start a garden, meet up with friends. Put simply, go and fully live and be present to what Life will bring!

Do something fun and new – go to a concert or register for a workshop or join a meet-up group that has similar interests as you have, or volunteer to help with something going on in your community.

Guaranteed, both of these will make your Summer more rich and meaningful.

* Which room in your house is your most favorite and which is your least favorite room? These questions can lead to some incredible insights about things going on in your broader life, things that had previously eluded you, things that you’d never guess were so obvious. If you’d like to play around with this and have run into a road block about something, give me a call and we can use this enjoyable approach to sort things out!

* "Here’s the sobering truth: We don’t attract what our minds want. We attract what our souls want. The mind, despite its amazing abilities, is powerless to do miracles unless it’s in cahoots with the soul. And what do our souls want? Not the cabana on the beach, not the well-oiled, nubile partner, not our names in lights.

Our souls want us to wake up.


~ Martha Beck

You're a good listener. It's dangerous, because it's very hard to resist he who listens to you. To be heard - but listen seriously - is the second best thing in the world.”

~ Gregory David Roberts

xoxo Welmoet

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