It's Friday!!!

If you've been following me, you'll know that I haven't posted my '4 Friday Favs' article the last little while and that's because I've been on Maui. It's given me some much needed time with family as well as the opportunity to sort through some of 'this and that' and make changes in my Life as well as in my business that better reflect where I am currently. It always feels amazing to clear out what no longer serves me (I'd highly recommend it every so often!) and I came home feeling refreshed and renewed.

I revisited how I want my business of coaching to show up on social media and set up a separate PAGE where you can find what's going on - you can look up Wayfinder's Path on Facebook and click on the 'like' button to receive updates, connect with me and to share with friends. I'd love your participation in this way as it'll help me reach out beyond my little scope of acquaintances and be like fertilizer on the field, allowing more workshops and opportunities to grow. You can also subscribe on my web page at as well.

My 12 week Workshop called Awaken Creativity (that I began back in early July) is about to wrap up. It's been so rewarding for me on so many levels and from the feedback I've had from the participants, it's been equally good for them too. A new 4 Session workshop entitled Spirit Dolls will begin October 10 Tuesday from 1- 4 pm approx. It'll be fun, creative and once again offer people the chance to connect & meet new friends through this format as well as boost your self confidence and provide insights and opportunity to grow in other meaningful ways. I'll be posting information soon but if this sounds interesting, reach out to me for more info and to register.

Once again, I'd like to encourage everyone to take a bit of time now and then to check in to where you are in your Life and assess whether it's time to make some changes and whether what you're doing is in alignment with who you are currently. You won't regret the time it takes you, one bit.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead and don't forget to reach out to me on Facebook! xo Welmoet

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