4 Friday Favs

“Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

~Doris Lessing

* There is tremendous benefit from doing something repeatedly, and especially consistently. Not only do you learn to do ‘it’ well, but the discipline it requires of you opens a door in your awareness as well. I’ve found this to be true with writing this past few months. The daily writing has been like an oil applied to grease my ability to ‘read’ my own self and notice the things, conversations, moments around me. This in turn has sparked my sense of curiosity which translates to stimulating new ideas and creative projects. It’s as if the writing has helped to clear away mental chatter leaving room for more clarity and insights to flow freely. Do you have a daily practice of writing? How has that worked for you?

* We’re just beginning a new season and it will be a while before the end of the year rolls into view but now, before the rush and demands of holidays fill your calendar, it’s the perfect time to decide on how you’d like to end the year and begin the new one. It’ll only take a moment to decide to do something and then a little more time to research just what it’ll be but it’s well worth the effort. Besides, it'll be FUN!

I’ve chosen to go to New Mexico for some ‘renewal’ time. Time to soak up inspiration in art galleries, take walks on the land (there is absolutely no question why it’s called the Land of Enchantment), soak in the hot springs of a Japanese inspired pool, learn more about healing Qigong, drink in the beautiful architecture ascetic, play in the snow and have conversations with the ancestors. This time will loosen my unconscious ties to the habits of my daily life just enough. It will serve to spark inspiration just enough, and will fuel the ‘review & renew’ of the past year, making room for what I want to carry forward or what I’d like to begin in the year to come.Do you already have a way you like to end the year? Share what's inspired you below.

* I’m just about to wrap up the 12 week Awaken Creativity workshop that began back in July. It’s been wonderful. Actually, it’s been a whole lot of things. It’s brought a great group of people together to share stories while being creative, it’s offered support & clarity, it’s challenged our ability to be consistent, it’s given creative space & structure to our lives, and it’s fed & emboldened our Creative Muses to come forward. If you missed this one, look for more workshops to come!

* I loved the concept of transforming oneself from a consumer to a creator as put by Jessi Frey. She spoke about the shift from receiving & gathering things (experiences, objects, etc) and instead going out and using what you have : instead of only going to concerts, go learn to play an instrument. Instead of buying a painting, go take a painting class. Instead of eating out, learn to cook one thing that’s fantastic and invite your friends over to share a meal. Guaranteed that what you learn will add immensely to your understanding & ability to appreciate that thing.

To help fuel this, here’s another push to give daily writing a try as it will help you notice so much more of what is around you. Become a hunter-gatherer of ideas. Keep a notebook with you and let it become a treasure trove from which you find inspiration for being creative.

Images :

L’Œuf Noir du Plexus Solaire by Wladd Muta

ORBITAL MECHANICS by Tatiana Plakhova


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