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Who are you? not what you do...not who somebody else wants you to be but who are you as a capable, good, angry, humorous, intelligent, empathic, mean spirited, loving, creative, dreamer.... Are you comfortable with all these aspects of yourself? Are you willing to call out those parts of yourself and look at each aspect and embrace it? You'll need to be honest with yourself and own the good, the bad, and the ugly before you'll ever be able to be honest with others and make the real difference that you alone can make in this world. I know that I am empathic, intuitive, am a realist, am analytic, watchful, a 'bridge', artistic, that I write better than I speak, at times quiet, at times silly, and also that I am stubborn, that I usually need to sit with something a bit before I'm ready to respond, that I'm a good listener, am spiritually oriented, that I can be like a pitbull with it's teeth sunk in, that I'm loyal, and that I have a temper that doesn't surface often but when it does is like a category 7 hurricane. Once you know yourself, you have a map for going forward and will be more equipped to navigate the road, the potholes, the wrong turns and mismarked signs that you most assuredly will run into at some point in Life AND most importantly, you'll know how to get back on track, get up after falling down and you'll even know how to navigate in the dark. Why? Because if you know yourself, you'll know more about what your 'northstar' is and what you are capable of. You'll also know what tools you have in your toolkit that were fashioned just for you alone to use. The strength associated with this and with believing in yourself is profound so I'd like to ask again, who are you?

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