Firstly, I must say that Welmoet is an exceptional seer into the minds of those she works with. Her work as a life coach gives her an exceptional vantage point into what drives people in their day-to-day lives. In my work with her uncovering my dreamscape, I have found incredible insights into my psyche. Her method of analysis allows the dreamer to understand the motivations and meanings of characters, places and images of the dream, as well as their relationship them. I highly recommend her dream work for anyone seeking deeper understanding of their nightly journeys into the mind.

~ SB, Santa Barbara, CA USA

"Welmoet created an environment where I, along with my fellow participants were allowed to become completely vulnerable and leave behind preconceived notions of who we thought we were. The exercises led us to identify our self-judgments and there were metaphors for my life that emerged from projects ranging in scope from collage, writing, to improvisation that clarified what thoughts were keeping me from creating the life I want for myself."           

~ A.T. Santa Barbara, USA

"Working with Welmoet has been wonderful. My past experiences with other life coaches and therapists have felt like a task or an interrogation, but my sessions with Welmoet feel like an intimate conversation with a loving friend. She gently points out the things that don't serve me in my thought process, then gives me simple tools to help correct them. She breaks them down into bite-sized pieces so that I noticed a change in myself immediately. As a result, I am more aware of my own way of thinking and more able to spend my thoughts on things that help me move forward. I feel liberated and more attuned to myself and my purpose. Her warm charisma and sense of humor always brighten my day!"

~ S.T., California USA 

"I met Welmoet through her paintings. The one of a Hawaiian flower was so exquisitely beautiful and perfect, I took a photo of it and enlarged it on my iPhone to appreciate the colors and details — so realistic and so fresh. The more abstract of her paintings spoke to a deep place of connecting. I decided I had to study with her.
Now I have taken 7 or 8 lessons with Welmoet. She took me from a place of knowing very little about the acrylic medium to creating an image that brings me great joy. Welmoet wove her coaching skills into the art session whenever I arrived with the dust of the road on my heart. She would just blow it away with her practical wisdom and listening skills.
My creativity soared and I experienced such peace in the process. The gift that Welmoet has surpasses her superb talents as artist and teacher. She has cultured the silence and the beauty that we all aspire to. I am so grateful for both the technical skills I have learned and for the experience of seeing art and life through Welmoet’s eyes."   

~ MJ, Santa Barbara USA 

I thoroughly enjoyed my dream tending session with Welmoet! Her calm and assured guidance let me relax into my memory of the dream and explore its possible meanings and origins. It was an extremely fulfilling experience. ~ K.W., Santa Barbara, USA



“I have found Life Coaching to be very beneficial in my life as I struggle to speak with friends about my troubles and their guidance is not always very helpful. It's great having someone to talk to, to vent to and confide in! Life gets very overwhelming at times and it feels good to know that whenever I need to chat, my Life Coach Welmoet is there for me. 

The benefits of my Coaching with her are mostly mental and about my way of thinking. My perception of the events that occur in my life has changed - I don't just panic and feel completely hopeless. I can take a step backwards and see it from different angles, allowing me to cope with my anxiety better.

I would definitely recommend Life Coaching to my friends. Welmoet is very kind and sincere. I felt comfortable and relaxed as soon as I heard her voice and she is flexible to my needs and ready to listen.”

~ S.D., Ireland 



"I looked forward to each of these workshop classes each week and truly hated to miss one.  The participants were friendly, interesting, supportive and inspiring...! The time evaporated in this beautiful, calm, creative supportive space and I loved the art projects and instructors. Allowing myself to take the time to slow down and create was a big step for me.  Welmoet is a brilliantly talented artist and an intuitive, insightful coach.   When you are ready to open your heart and soul to creative emotional growth, Welmoet will guide you.  FIVE stars :))))"

~ C.A. Santa Barbara USA 

“Finding a life coach like Welmoet has been beyond beneficial. As a recent college graduate who’s becoming familiar with life in the working world I find myself at a crucial time. The decisions I make today have a big impact in building the foundation for my future tomorrow. Welmoet has helped tremendously in seeing the path ahead with clarity and certainty. Her words of wisdom and gentle demeanor help you feel comfortable enough to dive into your subconscious and find the answers you seek. Working with Welmoet has helped me become more in tune with myself and helped build my confidence to follow my dreams.” 

~ LB, California USA  

"Welmoet's intuitive approach as a life coach and mentor has left its mark and what a wonderful mark it is! Her facilitation in group and individual settings is both relaxed and intimate."

At once subtle and profound, her thoughts and reflections offer poignant advice for navigating the tides of our emotions. I particularly appreciated her guidance in laying a foundation of goals that have lead me to a more fulfilled way of being, where I look in the mirror and see the very best version of myself. She recognizes that we don't always have to dream big to dream beautifully; that even the smallest change in our perception can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on our lives.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Welmoet, she is a truly gifted ally to have along the Path."

 ~ J.H., California, USA


"I gained a great deal from attending the workshops with Welmoet.  A few of my longtime issues surfaced immediately, despite the diligent and repeated past work I have done.  The exercises, projects and group sharing allowed me to work through several limiting fears and beliefs.  I found the process of collecting images to collage was a very effective and enjoyable method that helped to reveal information in a very clarifying way.  Welmoet’s gentle guidance and encouragement throughout the process was very powerful.

I would absolutely recommend Welmoet to anyone who is interested in gaining personal insight and growth."          


"I was a participant in Welmoets’ 12 week “Awakening Creativity” workshop.  Indeed, my creativity woke up.  Welmoet developed a structure for self-discovery and expression.  She presented us with everything from writing to paper folding to collage to sketching to painting to printing to doll making.  The most important part of this process for me was the absence of judgement.  I was among the less artistically accomplished in our group, but I never felt out of place.  Welmoet created a space for all of us to explore art and ourselves, wherever that might be."            

~CM, Ph.D., California, USA

Working with Welmoet was a calming and extremely comfortable experience. I was struggling with some personal and family issues, and she listened carefully to understand me before she offered any advice or thoughts, and then, rather than simply telling me what she thought I should be doing or thinking, she asked me questions that helped me to reflect and discover some of the deeper feelings that were causing my anxiety. The few sessions I had with her helped me to better understand these issues and how to better react to and handle the emotions that I was feeling. I would definitely recommend Life Coaching to anyone who is looking for a personal and thoughtful coaching experience!  

~ K.W., Texas USA

"I found myself struggling with an important relationship issue, and just could not seem to see beyond my own nose. Welmoet gave me a way to step back and reframe the situation so that I could begin to make better sense of it. Her questions gave me a chance to see more clearly where I was getting tangled and stuck, and gave me some new ways to approach the issue on a day to day basis. Welmoet has a wonderful gift for getting to the heart of things, seeing past the confusion and habitual ways of thinking. Working with her has been very beneficial."

~ A.R., California USA